Do you ever feel like your health is bigger than a trip to the gym and drinking cold pressed juice?

The Strong Foundation Series is designed to be a toolkit to help you improve your health and navigate through life’s ups and downs while reclaiming ownership and awareness of your body. This three week series includes a weekly hour long, personal sessions that focus on physical strength and mobility plus three short emails per week with different concepts and ideas that will help you you deal with stress and create a life filled with a deeper connection to yourself and others.

 The Strong Foundation Series is based on these concepts:

A Mindset Shift - You will explore moving as a way to feel at home in your body instead of seeing movement/exercise as punishment or something you have to endure to have a “healthy” body. The focus will be on building a movement practice that will help to keep the muscles, bones, joints and mind fresh, rather than beat down bruised and tired. You will learn physical and emotional concepts to help build a movement existence. The weekly emails have somatic themes for you to explore your emotional life and ways to deal with hardships and emotional roadblocks.
Foundational Movements- During the in person sessions you will learn and explore movements like walking, squatting, running, pulling/pushing, crawling, balancing, grounding, hanging and lifting/carrying. There will also be somatic warmups and meditations to help create a calm mind and mobile body. All movements have progressions and the program is designed to meet people where they are at.
Awareness, Exploration, and Connection- In this three week series we will work together to approach how your health effects your whole life not just the time spent a gym or eating a healthy meal.The focus is on finding comfort and acceptance of who you are and how you move through the world.

The Strong Foundation Series is $200, in person or online. Please contact Natalie for more detailed info or to start building your foundation today!