Movement Classes

“When it comes to health, the goal of ‘doing exercise’ is not to become better (stronger, faster) at a narrow range of movements, but to become more capable of a large range of movements, thus improving your mass distribution (your shape) as a whole.”

—Katy Bowman, 52 Weeks: EveryBody Biomechanics!

The idea behind these movement classes is to help students build a deeper connection to themselves while finding joy and adventure in their bodies. The classes are designed for students to explore and reconnect with movements that come naturally to the human body: crawling, balance work, jumping, running, hanging, climbing, throwing, catching, lifting and carrying . The format of the classes change constantly so that no two are alike. This helps students gain more strength and mobility in their whole body while avoiding overtraining, plus it keeps boredom at bay. The classes include playful partner and group work, allowing participants to relate to each other in a fun, physical way. No experience is necessary and all bodies are welcome.

Come out and play! 


The benefits of natural/functional movement classes include:

    •    Reduces wear and tear on the joints
    •    Improves cardiovascular health
    •    Increases stability and flexibility for maximum range of motion
    •    Builds bone density
    •    Boosts metabolism
    •    Strengthens fascia (connective tissues)
    •    Strengthens the pelvic floor
    •    Improves cognitive skills and proprioception
    •    Lowers stress levels and creates a strong sense of well being