Movement Classes


Hello Pelvic Floor! classes

Having strong, elastic pelvic floor muscles is essential to our health. We use these muscles when we got to the bathroom, have sex and push out babies. 50% of Americans end up in rest homes because of incontinence due to weak pelvic floor muscles and these muscles remain a mystery to most of us. Hello Pelvic Floor! classes are designed to shine a light “down there” and learn essential exercises that can keep the pelvic floor resilient. 

Hello Pelvic Floor! classes are private one time, one hour class in person or on Skype for $50 and includes a handouts listing all the exercises and lifestyle shifts for people to refer back to.  

Private Training


These sessions are tailor-made for each individual and their personal goals. Please contact Natalie to set up an initial free 15 minute meeting. 


$50 per session.

Private Training for the Pregnant/Postpartum Body

These hour-long sessions are designed for the pregnant and postpartum body. The prenatal sessions focus on special exercises and movements that help to support the expectant mother and prepare her for labor. Expectant moms will learn positions and movements that will create a more comfortable pregnancy, increase the strength and mobility needed for the labor process, and speed healing and recovery after birth. Once a woman has given birth the focus shifts to working with the postpartum body by preventing and/or healing diastasis recti, creating a stronger pelvic floor, glutes and core while releasing muscle tension built up from taking care of the baby. Babies are welcome to come to class with their moms! 

$50 per session.
Contact Natalie for more information.

Corporate Seminars

This one hour seminar is designed to help create a less-stagnant workplace without disrupting the flow of the work day. Employees will learn simple stretches and mobility exercises they can do at their work stations and have fun playing interactive games with their co-workers. 

The one hour training session includes:

-The difference between movement and exercise and why it’s beneficial to get more movement through out the day.

-Playing games together to build rapport.

-Learning and practicing gentle mobility exercises that can be done easily at work: shoulder rolls, discussing posture and different ways of sitting, calf stretches, foot stretches, arm and hand mobility exercises and how to release tension in the neck and shoulders.

-Tips on ways to get more movement in during breaks and lunch time. 

The cost of the training is $150 per hour.


Wild Foods Classes

Yard Consultations: Eat Your Weeds!
The weeds people are trying to banish from their yards are often actually nutrient-dense wild foods. Natalie will join you on a walkthrough of your property to help you identify the edible plants you may already have growing in your yard. Following the walkthrough, Natalie will email participants a list of the plants that were found, which part(s) of the plant can be harvested, and how to prepare them.
$50 per season/session.
Contact Natalie to schedule.

Corporate or Group Events
Does your group or organization want to learn more about how to identify and prepare wild edible woods? Contact Natalie for more details on the various programs available (and their costs), including private group plant walks and wild edible food classes.

If you're interested in any of the offerings here, let me know!

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