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Reset: A Primal Retreat

The RESET is a 3-day escape from the modern world, a true primal adventure, returning to our human roots of nature, movement, stillness, simple food and connecting with a tribe. We will provide a unique adventure that will challenge, teach and refresh the body. The weekend will awaken the wild body within. You will be reminded of the value of the present moment and strengthen the body through movement, play and clean living. Our days will be filled with practicing the full range of movement and foraging for our food. We will collect fruits and plants throughout the day, while learning what to eat and how to eat it. Our movements will consist of many different systems, including: MovNat, Functional Range Conditioning, gymnastics, martial arts, and dance. Our bodies are not made to sit chairs, cars, desks and couches all day long, we are not meant to be stuck in an office all day. Get rid of your technology, get rid of your comforts and return to your natural state for a weekend. Go UNMODERN. Reset your body and mind, awaken your senses and learn how to thrive when you return to the modern world.

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